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Odes UTVs

Odes UTVs

To deliver the best in quality as well as the best price. We have sourced parts manufactures from Canada, USA, Mexico, Asia, Taiwan, Japan and more. We have put our parts and UTVS through extensive testing through 3,000 Mile tests to 2,000 on/off switch tests, to ensure our products meet the demands of the consumers. Our parts are purchased worldwide and sent to our factory in Asia for inspection and partial assembly. The UTVS are then sent to our USA facility in Riverside, California for final testing, fitting, and either enter final assembly for shipping to the ODES dealers network all over the World or sent partially assembled to the dealers for final assembly.

You can reach the Odes UTVs staff at (866) 572-8420 or online at www.odesutvs.com

Odes UTVs
1111 E. Citrus Street
Riverside, CA 92507


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