WKP "Spartan Series" Can Am 1000 Engine Rebuild Kit GREAT DEAL

The strongest and most complete kit on the market!
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Vendor: Can-Am

Type: Engine


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WKP "Spartan Series" Can Am 1000 Engine Rebuild Kit - Yes - use my engine (No core charge required / Requires you to send in your engine first)

$ 3,899.99

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  • I have a 2016 Can-Am Maverick turbo 1000 seems like the motor is tight when it gets hot it won’t start just seems like the motor tight I don’t know if it’s the cam chains or the crank Please let me know if you have any ideas

    Hey Chris! Please fill out our tech form with this information so one of our techs can get back with you. You can find that form at the top of our website labeled 'Tech Help'. Thanks!

  • how is that that I have to send you the core cylinders and crankshaft? what if I can not do it

    Hey Gustavo, We have core charges if you do not wish to swap out the componets. When you are rady to purchase email us here in the link below and we can send you the website cart.

  • Is a Can-Am 1000 commander and maverick 1000 take the exact same engine rebuild parts

    No they do not, One engine is non R and one is R. They run different pistons and cylinders heads. Email us wehat you are exactly trying to do and we have kits for any combonation or conversion.

  • Is this a complete engine ready to slap on the machine? Thank You !!

    Yes, this includes parts only. Please keep in mind this is a kit and not all items may be in stock when you order it.

  • IS this a complete engine ? Or just the parts ? Or do I send you mine thanks ?

    These are for the parts only. If you need it rebuilt by us, there would be additional labor.

  • Will this kit work for a 2009 spyder 990cc

    Hey Doug, That engine is a completly different engine. We can put you togeather a rebuild kti if you like. Please email the tech deparment here