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Tuning Your Vehicle? You Have Options!!!

Looks like you may be in the market for a tune?

You have several different options when it comes to tuning your vehicles. No matter your year, make or model -- we can help you tune it to perfection!

What options do I have?

What if I want to flash myself?

Great choice! Most of our customers want to flash themselves and also have the ability to check/clear codes, return stock, flash back tuned, clear check codes, datalog, remote updates and remote diagnostics off their vehicles. 

These flashing devices are great and many share the same features and benefits. Some devices will utilize a computer while others may require a phone app or both.

You have a few options on which device you want to flash with:

What if I want to send in my ECU?

No problem! This is the most affordable option and still lets you unleash the same potential in your vehicle.

Sending in your device is typically called a "bench flash".

To purchase a bench flash:

  • Navigate to our bench flash page using the link here.
  • Enter in your vehicle information and special modifications.
  • Add the item/service to your cart and checkout.
  • Once your order is complete please print out the order confirmation or invoice.
  • Package up your ECU and ship it to us!
  • Once your shipment is received it will get calibrated and shipped back out within a few business days at most, usually it is much sooner!

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