Delayed Shipments

What is a delayed package?

Delayed packages are shipments that show to be in-transit to the destination but have not arrived on the guaranteed or estimated arrival date.

What steps can I take to locate my package?

1 Use the carrier's website to track your package using your tracking number.

2 Call the shipping carrier and speak to a representative.

Reminder: Most shipping carrier phone systems are automated. Usually once the automated system starts speaking you can press "0" and repeat the process until you are directed to a representative.

Warranty Killer Performance only serves as the fulfillment center for your order and cannot locate or trace your package. Only shipping carriers can locate packages.

What are my options to get my package?

1 If you are in a time crunch and need your package, please reorder the items and use an alternate shipping method. Once your original shipment arrives to you, you can return it for a refund. Once the package is received back at our warehouse a refund will be issued minus shipping charges.

2 Wait for your package to arrive or get declared lost/missing by the shipping carrier.

3 Contact us to open a shipping claim through the shipping carrier. Once the claim has been paid we can reship your item(s). Claims can take up to 30 business days to process with claim investigators.

Warranty Killer Performance cannot issue refunds, cancel orders or reship orders if packages are still in-transit, even if delayed. We are not able to provide discounts or reship orders free of charge.