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Can Am Belt Box Variator Cover Dual Inlet (Outer) GREAT DEAL

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Vendor: Can-Am

Type: Clutch

Part #: 420212286

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Can Am Belt Box Variator Cover Dual Inlet (Outer)

$ 279.99

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  • Will this for a 2023 canam defender hd10. Looking to try and get more airflo to my clutch to keep it cool.

    Hey Cody, No sir it will not this is for the 13 bolt back plate that is on all the can am v twin machines running the small or larger gear box not the new transaxel gear box. All the new sxs's run a similar clutch box to the x3 which supports plenty of airflow for much more laod and power than the other sxs's are capiable of, if you are having heat issues the clutch box assmble is not the issue. Please send us an email of your issues following this forms questions