Can Am Digitally Encoded Security System (D.E.S.S.™) Keys – Warranty Killer Performance

Can Am Digitally Encoded Security System (D.E.S.S.™) Keys GREAT DEAL

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Vendor: Can-Am

Type: Key

Part #: 715002458

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Can Am Digitally Encoded Security System (D.E.S.S.™) Keys

$ 335.99

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  • If I have a DESS system now who just has work keys, will this performance key work?

    Hey Henrik, No sir all keys have to be programmed.

  • If I purchase the key and the ignition switch with it still have to be reprogrammed

    Yes, all keys are unique to each machine and must be programmed to the VIN #.

  • Hi do they go on defender hd8 2018 model

    Hey Anthony, They fit all models with that key style.

  • Just bought 570 and 650 XMR, not happy it came with one key fob each. Please advise if this is just the fob or can you program with vin #'s?

    Hi, this is just for the key fob, you would still have to take the keys to the dealership to be programed.

    However, if you bought the 4wheelers new, they should come with 2 keys each.

  • I have lost the keys to my Can-Am Maverick. There are no Can-Am Dealerships in our area what are your suggestions?

    Hey Kimberly, You would have to travel to a dealership or send in the ecu, dash and key so we could program and ship back ready to install. If interested in doing so please submit a request here.

  • What color is the no restriction key? Which one is work key color? Which is 10% torque reduction?

    These keys are all programmable. Visit your Can-Am dealer and they can program any key to any restriction for you.

  • We are visiting friends who have a Can-Am Outlander with a digital encoded security system. When we arrived Friday night, displayed worked and then went dead..we thought dead battery and charges battery overnight..after installing battery this morning, no display when key put in and turned to right..we have not gotten to where start button will engage starter..suggestions on what to do next? Thanks

    This is very complex. Thius could be many things. I would guess a bad display.

  • hello is there any way to eliminate this system from my maverick x3?

    Yes there is, the ECU, Dash, And Key will have ot be sent in to be reflashed to remove the DESS system. Please email
     to process this order. Thanks!

  • Do you need both the stock key and the dess key to start or only one key

    The stock key is a dess key. All can am keys are dess keys. 

    They all have to be programmed to the unit we have a tool we rent to do so.

    email us.

  • Hi will I be able to fit this to a renegade xxc 1000 2020

    Hey Graeme, No sir you need this switch. The keys are all the same as far as fitment and color you can program them how wever you want.


    Javier, shoot us an email to and we will see if we can get one for you.