Can Am GEN 2 High RPM Race Camshaft – Warranty Killer Performance

Can Am GEN 2 High RPM Race Camshaft GREAT DEAL

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Type: Engine

Part #: 72836

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Can Am GEN 2 High RPM Race Camshaft

$ 675.00

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  • Does it make the bike chop

    Hey Dylan, yes sir and we can change that with tuning as well.

  • I have a stock 2021 renegade 1000xmr I flash the ecu with the pv3. I was wondering are these drop in cams I have stock clutches still and I do a lot of mud riding and some trial riding.

    Hey Joesph, yes they are able to be installed in the stock heads no physcial modfications. Thats what drop in means. They will still have to be dyno tuned or remotely tuned with single or dual wideband.

  • Can I run these cams in a renegade 570 and Can I run them in the woods and mud on stock everything besides a tuner and exhaust?

    Hey Tim, Yes sir you could. You would need PC5 or PV3 dual or single wideband and our remote tuning service. Please shoot us a tech form here if you would like an estimate. Thanks!

  • for the kit Can Am GEN 2 High RPM Race Camshaft, I do not need anything else ...?

    Hey Juan, The only things required when installing camshafts are tools to complete the job. Can Am does have a tool for locking the camshaft for correct cam timing. We do offer this tool. Also you need a fuel controller we recomend power commander 5, we offe this as well. We also recomend a ecu reflash to take full advantage of the camshafts potential. Please feel from to shoot us and email and we can give you a call sir. 

  • Do the cams come in a set

    Hey Nathan, yes they do.

  • Is there any supporting mods needed for these cams? (valve springs or similar valve train components)

    Hey Jordan, no sir any of our products that need supporting mods we always put that in the write up, as well as under fitment and instrutions. Also it would be suggested on the product page as another product.

  • Can I run these on a outlander 570 with a tuner?

    Hey Sam, A devcie to tune the unit is required yes. Please email with the details on your build, they can tell you proper supporting mods. 
    Minimal required tuning device, single wideband.