Can Am GEN 2 High RPM Race Camshaft GREAT DEAL

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Vendor: Web Cam Shafts

Type: Engine

Part #: 72836

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Can Am GEN 2 High RPM Race Camshaft

$ 675.00

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  • Can I run these cams in a renegade 570 and Can I run them in the woods and mud on stock everything besides a tuner and exhaust?

    Hey Tim, Yes sir you could. You would need PC5 or PV3 dual or single wideband and our remote tuning service. Please shoot us a tech form here if you would like an estimate. Thanks!

  • for the kit Can Am GEN 2 High RPM Race Camshaft, I do not need anything else ...?

    Hey Juan, The only things required when installing camshafts are tools to complete the job. Can Am does have a tool for locking the camshaft for correct cam timing. We do offer this tool. Also you need a fuel controller we recomend power commander 5, we offe this as well. We also recomend a ecu reflash to take full advantage of the camshafts potential. Please feel from to shoot us and email and we can give you a call sir.