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Can Am Thermostat Delete Kit / Aluminum Y Fitting GREAT DEAL

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Lead Time: Discontinued by Manufacturer

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Can Am Thermostat Delete Kit / Aluminum Y Fitting

$ 109.99

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  • How long till this is in stock ?

    Two weeks etimated please enter your email in the product page to be notfied.

  • When do you think the thermostat bypass kit will be available?

    We should have them back in stock in two weeks, please enter email oin the out of stock email notfiction on the item webpage. Thanks!

  • Never mind figured it out.. Thanks.

    YEE YEE!

  • The thermostat on a 13 outlander gen 2 has 3 sides to it, how is (2) 90`s going to replace the thermostat?

    You will remove one line totally.

  • When will your thermostat delete kits be available?

    We have several hundred being machined out now. ETA is approxiately 1 month from 05/2019.

  • Do you have install instructions?

    As of 04/13/19 there is not an installation guide available. The thermostste delete is two billet 90's, you remove the thermostat and replce it with those two 90's. The Y fiting replaces the plastic Y fitting in between the cylinder heads.

  • What are the fitting sizes? 1” hose and 3/4” hose or 1” and 1/2”

    Hye Ryan, We only release what info is on the product page.

  • You noted in another question/answer that you would remove one line completely from the newer outlanders. Do you have install instructions for that? I cant seem to find anything about that anywhere. What temperature does a 4 wheeler in the 1000r category run at with the full bypass. I would assume that the fan would dictate running temperature a bit more.

    Hey HKH, No sir we do not have instructions for that. Its pretty staright forward you can tell which line is the bypass line upon install. 
    Yes that is correct the ECU calibration dictates fan temp on and off and what temp the engine would follow. 

    Pick ecu calibration method.