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Type: Tune

Part #: PV3-25-02

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Power Vision 3 for Can Am Maverick Turbo/XC

$ 469.99

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  • Does this work with a 2017 can am XMR maverick 1000r? How much hp will it add?

    Yes, this PV3 will work with your unit. Shoot us an email and we can give you more detailed info regarding tuning! Thanks!

  • Does this work with a 2017 can am XMR maverick 1000r? How much hp will it add?

    Hello, yes this works for your unit. Here is a general write up on tuning that answers a lot of questions about our tuning:

    FAQ’s about WKP “Spartan Series” ECU Calibration


    • Average gains for naturally aspirated engines no bolt ons or modifications to the stock machine is 5-15 RWHP depending on min octane of fuel you choose to run. The higher the min octane fuel you choose to run at any one time will determine how much timing we can safely add as well as with increased timing we can command more fuel. Adding supporting modifications can increase this gain. 


    • What is the HP gain? That is not as important as how much stronger the power curve is. That’s where the real difference is felt. That is why most don’t list peak gains as an average in naturally aspirated power sport machines. The gap between OEM and tuned machines has much greater gains. The tuning is worth it due to the torque limitations being very safe in high. Low gears are limited as much as 40-60% of available power. Reverse as well is limited heavily. Most of the time not enough to turn the tires when in a bind for the conditions you ride in. 


    • What will my top speed be? Top speed limiters are removed on all tuning. 



    • High EGT: OEM tuning calibrations run lean and a lot of timing at lower rpm’s below peak torque to pass emissions and achieve better cruising fuel mileage. This however creates higher exhaust gas temperatures (EGT’s). WKP calibrations address this issue with proper fuel commands as well as the proper ignition timing to take advantage of the increased fuel commanded. Which in turn reduces EGT’s while increasing power and throttle response.


    • Warranty Void?  ECU recalibration technically does void your warranty but in the case of ever needing to bring your unit in for warranty please reach out to us via our TECH Form to see if it’s something you would need to return the unit back stock. We have tuned hundreds of units and never had a warranty be denied due to ECU recalibration or had it detected. 


    • How do turn your ECU back stock? There are two ways. You can ship Warranty Killer Performance your ECU and we will flash it back stock or you can purchase the Power Vision 3 for your unit and return it stock yourself.

    The base tune files that are the same for all modifications are as stated below.


    • All torque limits are removed so whatever timing and fuel we calibrate to the unit it will make max power for that calibration and not hit any toque limits short of that under any conditions except if theses conditions reach unsafe values listed below.
    • Air Intake Temperatures, Coolant Temperatures, Engine Knock
    • All gears will have full power
    • Toque request maps are linearized for the pedal and throttle body for a more 1:1 feel of pedal travel vs power output.
    • All keys will have full power, no limits.
    • All speed limiters are removed as well, so the unit will accelerate to top speed until limited by power, gear ratio, or rev limit.
    • Rev Limit is increased to safe amount over stock determined from dyno testing.
    • Fueling is calibrated for max safe power AFR we have determined from testing on the dyno for modifications listed.
    • Timing is calibrated for max safe power per fuel you are running and modifications listed.
    • Fan temps are lowered to optimal power levels for each unit we have determined from dyno testing.
    • Cold / Initial start maps are calibrated for stock or modifications for smooth starting, idle and shifting.
    • Idle maps are calibrated for smooth shifting. 


    ***We can calibrate any parameters to your special request. Just notate modifications, request and/or questions. We will not do anything requested past what we know is tested and safe without notifying you of pro’s, con’s and/or possible unsafe request.***