Power Vision 3 for 2018-2020 Can-Am Defender HD8/10 – Warranty Killer Performance

Power Vision 3 for 2018-2020 Can-Am Defender HD8/10 GREAT DEAL

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Type: Tune

Part #: PV3-2509C

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Power Vision 3 for 2018-2020 Can-Am Defender HD8/10

$ 522.21

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Ned F.
United States
I recommend this product

Great assistance

Had issues with tune not performing. Quinton able to analyze logs snd determine problem was a weak fuel pump replaced pump, no the machine is a beast.


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  • Will this work on hd9

    Hey Daniel, yes sir it will! Our calibration as well as paired with our clutching makes the defender a whole different experience.

    Defender Clutching 


    The Defender OEM clutching components, calibration and characteristics are designed to give low RPM engagement, low cruising RPM’s for quite cruising. This is great for what it was intended and designed for. 

    The primary movable sheave weight pin of location aids in this characteristic. The weights are also very heavy vs center of mass location which also adds to theses characteristics. The helix is at an angle and paired with a spring to provide quick upshift to keep RPM vs MPH low. A lot of this can be achieved without the downsides of this OEM calibration which results in shift out being well below peak power at WOT, sluggish labored feel when aggressive throttle is applied. Poor back shifting characteristics due to the secondary calibration and component choices. All the characteristics above can cause lower belt life, higher belt temps, wear on clutches, and less power to the wheels than a proper calibration for intended use. Most notice the less than desirable driver experience on stock tires. These characteristics are multiplied when the machine is used in higher load situations as well as tire size changes. The OEM ECU calibration also decreases available torque as RPM decreases so the effects are multiplied even more. We always recommend ECU calibration paired with our clutching for the best end user experience and max gains. 


  • I have a 2022 hd9 I know it’s same motor as hd10 but de tuned will these tuners for hd9 model work on it? I know for instance force turbos ect are direct fit. So guessing they have to be similar far as ecu

    Hey Joe, The engines are not the same. HD10 is what we call an R engine with the big valve R cylinder head. Diff, head, cams, injectors and intake system. 

    We do have tuning for your unit and it is still very detuned as well as clutching that makes it very sluggish. 

    They rip with those two upgrades. 

    yes they run the same ECU, so they can use the same flashing device and tuning service.

  • How many hp can i gained? with the map tuner with stage 3 or 4 ?

    Average gains for naturally aspirated engines is 5-12 RWHP


    What is the HP gain? That is not as important as how much stronger is the power curve? Thats where the real difference is felt. That is why most don’t list peak gains as on average in naturally aspirated power sport machines its 5-12 RWHP but the gap between OEM and tuned below that has much greater gains. The tuning is worth it due to the torque limitations are often very safe in high as well as low gears are limited some as much as 40-60% of available power. Reverse as well is limited heavily most of the time not enough to turn the tires when in a bind in the conditions we ride in. 

  • i have a 2020 defender hd10 limited will this tuner work with this model? the dynojet tunes come with this tuner? and does power core software included with this tuner? thanks Ben

    Hey Ben, yes.

  • I have a 2020 defender hd10 with 82 hp stock what will your several tunes do for performance ,and do you have a that will not be to harsh or engine blowing ,but will be safe thanks Ben

    Hey Ben, Please read our info here below.

  • does this do everything that ecu calibration does on a 22 hd9

    Hey Hunter, The ecu calibration bench flash or ecu calibration email tune is the same for the saem unit if the mods are the same. 
    The PV3 wiht the preloade dynojet tunes are not the same as our custom ecu calibrations not even compariable. 
    They are about %5 edited vs stock while ours are as descirbed on the calibration services max effort.

  • Will this tuner work on my 2022 Defender HD9 CAB? I went to 32 inch tires and they robbed a lot of the power and was wondering if this tuner would help? Thank you

    Hello, yes this will work for the HD9!

  • Anything for the hd9 yet?

    Hey Jason, this Power Vision 3 for Defender will also work on the HD9 as well. The fitment for the new 2022 just has not been updated yet