WKP Can Am 61.5mm Crankshaft Kit – Warranty Killer Performance

WKP Can Am 61.5mm Crankshaft Kit GREAT DEAL

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Vendor: Warranty Killer Performance

Type: Engine

Part #: WKP-CA615CSK

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Lead Time: Almost sold out

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WKP Can Am 61.5mm Crankshaft Kit

$ 399.99

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Ask a Question
  • Where do these cranks come from? Are they oem remans or China bought ones

    Theses are OEM replacments. They are qulity controlled in our facilty to make sure they meet OEM specs.

  • Does this come with main bearings also or just the rod bearings

    This comes with the rod bearings only. For more information see the "Includes" tab. As of 04/29/19 at 2:00pm CST we do not have any in stock just yet.

  • is this crankshaft good quality?

    Hey Mantas, This crankshaft is an oem replacment. We tested all products we offer exstensivly before releasing to our cusotmers. All our products come backed with a product failure gaurentee. If the part failes due to lack of qulaity or defect we always take care of customer.