WKP "Spartan Series" Can Am 1000R Engine Rebuild Kit GREAT DEAL

The strongest and most complete kit on the market!
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Vendor: Can-Am

Type: Engine


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WKP "Spartan Series" Can Am 1000R Engine Rebuild Kit - Yes - use my engine (No core charge required / Requires you to send in your engine first)

$ 3,899.99

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  • Is the “1000r” kit the ATV or the Maverick?

    Hey Tim, Yes sir the R kits are for maverick head engines.

  • Héllo. I have now a 840R whit cam Ported head , portes intake , I want to buil lile a 1100 . What i need and what os the cost of the part i need . And i need to stard at the crank And i nees carillo ROD or solid Rod cause I will put nitrous for sure . Thanks

    Hey  Fredric, I will provide a few links to our engine kits you will most likely need. I will need a few more details to make sure your est/order is correct. Is this engine going to be running maverick heads? Is the crank a good crank your starting with? Will you be running race fuel?

  • Do ya'll have any 2020 outlander xmr 1000 engine already together that's better than the factory engine..

    Hey Terry, We do offer our sparatn series engine rebuilds that use all OEM components we find that hold up for th life of the engine, we replace anything we know that wears prematurly that is OEM wiht our aftermarket line of parts. Thery are always the best quality we can design and manufacture. We will shoot you a sepearte email on options.

  • Do y’all rebuild the motors

    Yes sir we do.