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Can Am 54mm Throttle Body Taper Bored to 59mm GREAT DEAL

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This is not a physical product, only a service.
This requires you to send in your item(s) for servicing/repair.

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Part #: WKP-CA5459TBB

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Can Am 54mm Throttle Body Taper Bored to 59mm

$ 299.99

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  • Will this throttle body fit a 2022 can am xmr outlander 850 ?

    Hello, this is for a service only. You would purchase the service, then send in your throttle body to be bored.

  • I have can am outlander xmr 800r 2015 can i instal this on ?

    Hey Yan, Your unit runs the stock 46mm throttle body. You have a few options for upgrades. 
    You can purchase this service in the link below, send your throttle body in for the service to take it to 51mm.

    You can also for less down time buy a new throttle body already complete to 51mm from us in the link below swap out and rip.

    Can Am did not start using the lager 54mm throttle body we can bore to 59mm until 2016 850R & 1000R units.

    If interested we can sell you a kit that converts your unit to the larger inatke setup. Please shoot us a tech request form here at the link below.

  • Can you guys do this on a 2019 ryker 900 Ace throttle body

    Hi, as long as it is the 54mm throttle body, we can provide this service to it.

  • Will this work or fit on a 2020 outlander xxc

    No, this will not work on your unit. This is for the cable throttle body found on units from 16-18. We do offer a bore service for your units throttle body. Your unit runs a 46mm electronic throtle body we can bore to 51mm. Here is the sevice link below.

  • Do you need to buy a bigger butterfly valve also or do you guys just bore it out and use the same valve ?

    Hey Lucas, this is a complete service.

  • So am i buying a used one thats been bored out or do i need to send you my stock one?

    Hi, this listing is for a service where you send your 54mm throttle body to us and we bore it to a 59mm.

  • Does this work on the new 2020 outlander 1000xmr’s with the electronic throttle?

    Hey Chaz, No sir this is for the cable throttle bodies. The service for the ETC units would be the 46mm to 51mm bore service.

  • I want to fit one on my X3. How much does the extra air volume affect the air/fuel ratio on say a stage 4 tune, have you done any dyno results for the bored throttle body?

    Hey Grant, All the info for the throttle body is on the website. This throttle body servcie is not for the X3. Only the link below is. Evolutoon tuning is the only tuning bolt on compatiable wiht our throttle body setrvices. That is the only tuning we have tested that requires no changes as the maps are scaled propley to adjust tuning via speed density as factory does for minor changes.

  • Is this service for a 2018 650 outlander? How long would turnaround be? I’m from Louisiana?

    Since this is a service only you must purchase or send in your Can Am 54mm Throttle Body. Turnaround is usually a couple days but since we rely on additional shops for support we cannot guarantee any timelines or expedite the process. Shipping to Louisiana is usually just 1 business day when selecting UPS Ground at checkout. Should you have any other questions feel free to contact us.

  • Does this work 2018 outlander Xmr 850?

    Yes sir it does!

  • Is this service available for a 2018 can am X3 Max?

    Hey Eli, here is the link for the service for the X3 46mm to 51mm!    

  • Are you guys able to do a throttle body bore on my 16 maverick 1000r?

    yes sir pruchase the bore service and send the throttle body in. 

  • Installed 59mm t body on my 2017 XML renegade 1000 just cranks will not run

    Hey Ross, We are sending out a new throttle body wiht sensors. 

  • If I posted my stock 54mm throttle body to you guys how long would you need to bore it 59mm and post it back to New Zealand?

    Hey Grant, Tius would take about two weeks sir. we do have the option to buy a 54mm throttle body and also bore to 59mm.

  • Hi there, what else do I need after the throttle body is bored from 54 to 59 for my Outlander 2017 G2 ? Do I have to go on a dynamometer to make a perfect mapping etc. ?

    Hey Peter, Maptuner Nano with our ecu calibratin service.

  • What’s involved in removing these injectors

    Hey John, no need to remove injectors to swap the throttle body.