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Power Vision 3 for Can Am Outlander/Renegade GREAT DEAL

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Type: Tune

Part #: PV3-2510C

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Power Vision 3 for Can Am Outlander/Renegade

$ 522.21

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Great item for tuning!

Matthew G.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Pv3 for 2021 outlander XT 1000

Pv3 had 2 tunes on it when I attached it to the atv. Simple to flash tune. It did lower my fan temps as it said it would but did not raise the speed limiter like it said. Would like to have a tune made specific for my atv with the dynojet soon. Definitely helped the Lean condition with the aftermarket exhaust an seemed to make the atv a little quicker. It is Worth the money.

Lance C.
United States United States
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good so far

I tried using this on my 2020 850 xmr outlander and it reads the bike and what its hooked up to but always says not paired. am I doing something wrong?


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  • I live in Sweden and we have 98 octane, you got a tune for that aswell? I have a 650 xmr -21 with ITC

    Hey Erik, yes sir we can! We have timing and fuel claibrations for all octane fuel raitngs.

  • How much hp gain would I get from a tune? I have a 2018 outlander 570xmr

    Hello, average gains for naturally aspirated engines, no bolt ons or modifications to the stock machine, is 5-15 RWHP depending on min octane of fuel you choose to run. The higher the min octane fuel you choose to run at any one time will determine how much timing we can safely add as well as with increased timing we can command more fuel. Adding supporting modifications can increase this gain.

  • How much more horse power then this provide for my outlander 650 and does this work on 2022

    Hello, your unit does not have an electronic throttle body, therefore you would not be able to tune via Power Vision 3. Shoot us an email to sales@warrantykillerperformance.com and we can give you more info on the tuning options we offer for your unit!

  • would this work on a 2017 can am renegade 570 ?

    Hello, your unit does not have an electronic throttle body, therefore you would not be able to tune via Power Vision 3. Shoot us an email to sales@warrantykillerperformance.com and we can give you more info on the tuning options we offer for your unit!

  • Do you sell the tunes for bikes for pv3 with out the hardware I already have a unit just looking for a tune

    Yes sir, we sell tunes that we can send to you that can be used with the PV3. Shoot us an email at sales@warrantykillerperformance.com for more info!

  • Hi is this version compatible whit renegade 2022

    Hey Sacha, yes it is. All fitment for prodcuts are under the fitment tab at the botom of all product pages. Thanks!

  • Will this work for a 2021 can am renegade 570 I am looking to increase the fuel but I also want the speed and rpm limiters off or raised and if this won't work what will work that I can get to do that

    Melvin, this will not work with your unit. You would need to send in your ECU to have it bench flashed. Here is a link to our custom tune page where you would purcase the tune before sending in the ECU.

  • will the power vision 3 work for my 2014 can am outlander 1000xt ?

    Hello, unfortunately your bike will not work with the PowerVision3. You will need to send your ECU in to be bench flashed. Here is a link to that so you can look around and if you have any questions about it, feel free to email us at sales@warrantykillerperformance.com 

  • Will this work for a 2021 outlander XT1000r? They show the XMR and XXC in 2021 models but not the XT

    Matt, the PV3 will work for all DBW or ETC units. Your unit has the DBW (Drive By Wire) ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) throttle body.

  • I have a 2018 can am outlander 850 northern edition. With electric throttle. Will this work?

    Hey Tommy, Yes sir it will on DBW, ETC, ITC units.

  • Will this work on 2021 outlander xmr 570?

    Cameron, this is not compatible for your bike. You would need to our Spartan Series Calibration.

  • Will this fit my 07 outlander 800

    Cody, sorry for the delayed response! This is not compatible for your bike. You could either send your ECU in for a calibration or purchase a PC5 for fuel only. If you'd like to process an order you can give us a call at 318-670-3366.

  • Hello, will this fit my 2018 can am outlander 1000 xmr?

    Hi, this device fits 18-21 Outlander so long as it drives by wire.  If I'm not mistaken the XMR drives by cable, and will not fit this PV3 so you will need to verify if your unit is drive by wire or not.

  • Will this work on my 2020 can am outlander 850 xt

    Hello, this Power Vision 3 (part #PV3-25-10) will work on the 2019-21 Outlander/Renegade with DBW (Drive By Wire)

  • Hey i got a 2016 can am outlander 850 xt will this tuner still work?

    If your unit has an electronic throttle, or is "drive by wire", then this will work on your unit.

  • Can I use this PV3-25-10 programer to dyno my 2020 can am renegade xmr 1000 although the box says Outlander ? Please advise

    Yes, this will work on your Renegade as well.

  • will this work on a 2020 renegade 850 ?

    Hey Sam, that is correct.

  • Will this work on my 2021 outlander xmr 1000?

    Yes, it will work with that unit.

  • I have purchased a PV3 from Denali Performance, and the guy assured me it would work with my 2021 Can am Outlander 650 XT. now they are not responding to my emails. Can you let me know if the Power Vision 3 is compatible with my machine. When I connect it does not recognize the machine. I can't flash or do anything when connected. Thanks in advance!

    Hi, I went to DynoJet's website to select your machine and see which device is compatible with it but for the 2021 Can Am Outlander it is only giving me a selection of the 1000. You could try to call them at 1-800-992-4993 and see if your machine is compatible with their PV3 for outlander/renegade.

  • Does this work for a 2020 can am outlander 570

    No, it looks like you'd have to use the Power Commander V for your unit.

  • greetings, do you sell custom tunes for renegade 1000 with power vision 3?

    Yes we do, you purshcase the tune from us here: https://www.warrantykillerperformance.com/collections/warranty-killer-performance/products/can-am-renegade-ecu-reflash?_pos=1&_sid=58cd45664&_ss=r

    We are redoing our tuning portion of the website right now so that is how we are selling our tunes for the time being.

  • Does this come with any pre installed tunes?

    Hey Jason, It does. Also review or ecu calibration service.

  • Will this work for a 2020 Outlander 850 xt?

    Hello, yes this will work for the 2020 Outlander 850 XT

  • Will this work on my 2019 can Am outlander 570xt. Exhaust is too hot, need to riches her up and get rid off any speed limiters it might have.

    No sir, they don't make a Power Vision compatible with your model bike yet. You will need to take a look at the Power Commanders.

  • Will the PV3 work on a2020 outlander XMR 1000r & will this void my warranty

    This will work on your year, make and model bike. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

  • hey i got a 2020 outlander 850xt would this work

    No sir, this vendor does not have a Power Vision that is compatible with your year, make and model. The link below is what they offer for your bike.


  • Will this work on my 2019 Renegade xmr 1000?

    Yes sir this will!

  • Hi does it removes the speed limiter , on can am outlander 2020 CCX 1000R

    We can custom tune the device to remove the speed limiter yes.

  • Hi I have 2019 xmr 1000, will this work on any 19 model? Does the fuel mapping work for any brand exhaust? Also have a foam air filter will that work with it? Lastly is there seperate tunes for all three (sport work performance) throttle modes? Thank you

    Hey Eric, yes it will. 
    yes the fuel mapping will work for any airfilter and exhaust. 
    The VE of the engine does not change enough from air filter and exhuast for the calibrations to be changed. 
    The way the ECU logic monitors via the sensors on the unit will adjust fuel. 
    yes all the modes will stil work propely. 
    If you wish to have custom tuning please email us as we offer that as well.

  • Hi I have 2019 can am outlander 1000R XMR the ECU it’s black the throttle it’s electric Do you supported my outlander

    Yes sir we do on power vision as well as map tuner.

  • I've got a 2019 can am outlander xmr 850, will the programmer work on this model.

    Hey peter, built after October 2019 would be T3. Easy way too tell is remove driver side panel the ecu is bolted to the side of the air box its either silver continental ECU or black Bosch T3. Let us know which one you have sir. Black Bosch ECU is the T3 which works wiht power vision.

  • I have can am outlander 650 xt 2019, does it fits

    Hey Nico, Please check fitment it instructs you on how to asses fitment as not all units have the correct ecu even though the year range fitment lines up.

  • Will these tuners work on the new gen3 can am outlander 700?

    Hey Brent, yes they will thats correct!

  • Why don’t they have for a 2015 1000 renegade

    Different ecu, here is the unit that can flash that vehicle.


  • Will this tune work with any type of performance mods i put on my 2022 cam am renegade?

    Hi, the Power Vision 3 is a tuner for your bike, not a tune but this tuner is compatible with your bike, yes.

  • Will a pv3 work on my 2023 canam outlander 850

    Hey Slick, yes sir it will! We have tuned a bunch.

  • On my 2022 Outlander XT 1000, can you tune so that the the throttle setting (economy/regular/sport) stays on what it was set at? Right now, I have to choose Sport mode every time I start the machine. Thanks.

    Hey Frank, yes sir we have a few options we can deliver that tune fiel via HP tuners WKP RTD, Dynojet PV3 wiht WKP calibration, and or bench flash.

    The tune files on the device can not edit whihc mode the unit starts in but we can make any mode whatever throttle senstivty and power leevl you want. 

    The bench flash is the only way we can edit which mode the unit defaults to. 

    Please send us an email if you wish to proceed with an order and have any more questions thanks!

  • Will This work on a 2022 xmr650 outlander I don’t see it in the drop Down for compatibility

    Hey Joseph, that support list is changing quickly thats why we put at the bottom will work on any ITC Itelligent Throttle Control, ETC Electronic Throttle Control, and DBW Drive BY Wire throttle body units.

  • I have a 2021 can am outlander 650 xmr with an hmf optimizer and slip on exhaust can i leave my hmf optimizer on and flash my ecu with the dynojet or do i have to take the optimizer off

    Hey Nathan, You would remove the optimzer wiht a PV3 and our calibration. The optimizer is a piggy back fuel contorller for fueling only. It is okay for what it is but for cost vs control its old out dated cheap tech. That fuel contorller splits the fuel table from 600 cell table to a 3 cell table. It is never correct like calibrating in the ECU. If your unit is supported by PV3 or an ECU flashing device that is the route to go.

  • Compatible with 2022 xmr 650 outlander? It's got itc.

    It is not. The manufacturer currently does not support your year, make and model but are expecting to release some new products for your bike in the next few weeks.

  • I see that this is listed to fit 19-22 Outlander, and 19-21 Renegade. Will it also work on my 22 Renegade?

    Hey Duane, yes sir it will.

  • will it work on 2016 can am renegade 1000 xmr

    Hello, this will not work for your unit, I'm sorry. That unit does not appear to be drive-by-wire therefore you would need to send the ECU in to be bench flashed. Visit this link for more info on the bench flash: https://www.warrantykillerperformance.com/products/wkp-spartan-series-ecu-calibration-bench-flash?_pos=1&_sid=d5c938b1b&_ss=r