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WKP Can Am 570 Big Bore Kit GREAT DEAL

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Vendor: Warranty Killer Performance

Type: Engine

Part #: WKP-1251669BBK

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WKP Can Am 570 Big Bore Kit - 12-5-1 (Octane Rating 93) / 669

$ 899.99

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Shawn K.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Ordered a 670 big bore kit

The item I ordered and the item I didn’t match. I ordered a 670 big bore kit. What I received was a 800 cc jug and 91mm pistons. Product still worked as it should but wasn’t happy about have to spend another 400 dollars to get the 800 crank to go along with it. The jugs and pistons worked however I had to shave some of the head in the combustion chamber in order for the pistons to clear the head. Overall experience with wkp is a 4 out of 5. If you have the knowledge you can make this kit work. Engine isn’t in the machine yet but compression tested both cylinders and both have 125 psi. I’ll update once I have the machine up and running.

Warranty Killer Performance WKP Can Am 570 Big Bore Kit Review
Alex G.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

Doesn’t fit

Pistons don’t clear the heads.


Ask a Question
  • Do you have to change the throttle body

    Hey, Russell you do not have too. Please send us a tech form here.

  • Hello, Will this kit fit a 2022 Outlander 570 mr? Thank you!

    Hey Teddy, yes sir its a 570 big bore kit.

  • Hello! Rebuilding a ‘18 Outlander 570 XMR. Have to replace cylinders/pistons/crank/rods. Figured I’d look into performance upgrades. I see the 729cc kit for $1200. What about the tune? And do y’all have a performance crank to pair with this kit? What size would I be looking at? Someone recommended me to y’all because I was looking at a 810cc kit, that included the big bore kit with crank/rods, tune etc. $1800. So I wanted to weigh my options so I make the best decision moving forward. Thank you!

    Hey Robbie, We do offer ECU bench flashing sedning in your ECU, units supported by PV3 or HP tuners is whatv we use to remotly tune custom setups, or if they are supported by those devices we use PC5 for remote tuning. 

    Our it takes your unit form stock to 729cc's wiht juts cylniders and pistons we label all our kits true cc size. So the other companies kit stock to 810cc's doesnt tell us what they are doing as no bore or stock componets convert over to that cc size. Most label the kits higher than what they are for marketing purpose we do not do that. So please shoot us an email of what kit you were loking at and we can explain the difference. 


  • Do the big bore kits require a tuner

    Hello, please send us an email with your exact year/make/model and which big bore kit you are looking to go with and we can let you know whether tuning will be needed or not.

  • Will these fit a 2019 570 xmr or does it have a detuned 650

    Hello, if your 2019 is not one of the few models listed below, then your unit is not a detuned 650 and this will work for your unit:

    • 2019 Outlander 570 EFI - DPS PRO - PRO NORDIC - T3
    • 2019 Outlander MAX 570 EFI - DPS XT - PRO NORDIC - T3

  • Do these kits require any boring of the engine block?

    Hey Ryan, Non of our kits require boring of the engine block. All prodcuts will have any details like that in the description, deatils or install instructions.

  • So will these fit my 2022 can am outlander 570 xmr yes that’s the 650 engine just detuned and according to ur site here looks like I gotta buy 2 of these kits cause it is a v twin right ?

    Hello, since your unit actually has the 650 engine in it, you would need to look at our 650 big bore kits here: https://www.warrantykillerperformance.com/products/wkp-can-am-650-800-big-bore-kit?_pos=5&_sid=3a49e421d&_ss=r#includes

    You would only need to purchase one kit which would come with two cylinders, pistons, etc.

  • does this kit work for a 2015 500 renegade?

    Hey Robbie, No sir that engien would need the 800 crankshaft kit and 800 top end kit.

    With that you could run any of the 800 big bore kits instead of stock 800 top end.

    The 500 has smaller crank, rods, and pistons.

  • i was wondering what other modifications are required for this kit to function properly. computer tune? upgraded head? larger injectors?

    Hey Joel, You would need at minimal injectors, and tuning via wideband. 

  • Will this it so the maverick style mr rpm heads can be installed

    Hey Caleb, thats correct.

  • What size bore is your WKP-1251669BBK kit

    The 669 kit is 91mm.

  • What size bore is the 729 BBK for the 570? And do you have a head stud kit for the 570?

    We do not release the bore size as thats propiter