WKP Can Am Secondary 32”+ Tire Clutch Kit GREAT DEAL

The easiest kit for more horsepower and torque to wheels on the market!
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Vendor: Warranty Killer Performance

Type: Clutch

Part #: WKP-CAS32TCK

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WKP Can Am Secondary 32”+ Tire Clutch Kit

$ 259.99

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I recommend this product

Clutch kit

Everything worked as it should and the bike definitely has more low end power.

United States United States
I recommend this product

Secondary Clutch Kit

Amazing so far, this thing really helps. Great parts from a great company....

United States United States
I recommend this product

Secondary Clutch Kit

Amazing so far, this thing really helps. Great parts from a great company....

United States United States
I recommend this product

Maverick 1000R

Great took it out this weekend that pared with a new belt took that jerky was away! Smoother ride.

Michael E.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Good Company

Good product easy to install.


Ask a Question
  • will this work wit a new 2022 can am commander xtp 1000 with 32" tires

    I show the current fitment for this product is:

    • Commander - 2011-2020 all models (32" and bigger tires)
    • Maverick - All years & models* (32" and bigger tires)
    • Outlander - All years & models (32" and bigger tires)
    • Renegade - All years & models (32" and bigger tires)

    *Except Maverick Sport, Maverick Trail, Maverick Turbo, Maverick X3, & Defender Models

    Be sure to check the current fitment information under the "Fitment" tab.

  • Will this fit my can and renegade 570 Xmr

    Hello, please see the "Fitment" tab. Yes, this will fit your unit.

  • Will this fit my 2021 can am outlander 650xt?

    Hey Nick, please check our fitment listed. This will fit all years and models of the Outlander as long as you have 32" tires or larger.

  • I got a 2020 renegade 570 Xmr and it’s on 32s would this help it

    Yes sir, this is for a much smoother ride and easy to install!

  • Will this work for my 2014 commander 1000 max with 30 inch mud tires

    Chris, this kit is for 32" + tires. You will need the kit for 31" - less. Part # WKP-CASS31TCK.

  • Is this couch kit for all years of can am or what

    Gavin, if your scroll down on the page you'll see the fitment tab that states what year, makes and models this kit it compatible for. Email us here if you have any questions.

  • Hey I’m running 30 on my can am maverick sport , would this work ?

    Hey Jacob, our tire kits are unfortunately not compatible with the Maverick Sport models. See fitment tab.

  • Hello, im looking to run 32s on my 2020 can am renegade xmr 1000. Will the kit fit my bike?

    Hello, yes this is the kit you will need.

  • Will this kit work with 30s on a can am renegade 850 g2

    If you are running 30s, you'd want this kit:

  • The spring in the kit doesn’t have the tips at the ends to set them in the clutch and helix. Am I supposed to bend the tips or just put it on the way it is?

    What is the year/make/model of your unit? You do not need to bend the spring.

  • Just bought a 2020 650 xmr outlander. About to start running 32 MotoHavoks on 18’s. Would this be sufficient or do I need to buy the stm primary as well? Everything is stock right now but planing on getting a exhaust and tuner at the same time. Thanks

    Hey Collin, Honestly once you change tire size you need to change primary as OEM is not locked and can slip after x amount of torque is met. The OEM clutches are setup for all around use. Hard mudd riding on stock tires & clutches will smoke belts, add larger or more agressive tires to that and for sure way less efficent. The helix and secoandry spring kit is for those who dont blow belts consistly or have major issues as it is a huge upgrade in repsonse, feel, belt life etc for larger tire or higher load setups than stock and will allow you to transfer more power under load as it removes the load the primary see's comapred to stock. So this reduces slipping of the primary sheaves at diffrent rates due to not being locked. We recommmend trying the kit as you will notice a gain/ diffrence, if you are still ahving issues then your are just more aggresive or setup is compared to others it works for. We always recommend stm priamry along with secondary compoinets to match the setup. All in all yes plan to get the primary when it fits the budget. I am currently on a 2019 renegade 1000 xmr wiht 20's and 34" system 3 310r's stock primary with this kit no issues but I know the limits and winch out when I feel the belt slip at low rpm high load situations.

  • Does this fit on a 2008 can am Outlander 800

    Yes it does. Please always check fitment tab.

  • I have a 2019 renegade xmr 570 with stock clutches. I’m currently running 35” bkts on my renegade. I was wondering if this kit alone will work with restoring power that I’ve lost from running the larger tires.

    This kit is a huge gain over stock especially running a tire as large as you are from stock. I would start here then contact us if you are not happy wiht the gains as this is the most aggresive kit for the stock secondary whihc can handle that tires size fine, the only other option to imporve would be cvtech or stm primary as that is your next limiting factor.

  • Would this kit work for 35” tires on a 570 renegade

    yes sir it will.

  • Is your spring heavier than a Dalton yellow and black? Have a 2014 650 max with a Dalton kit and secondary spring. Also an xmr 1000 helix. Would this be an improvement over what I have?

    Yes sir quite a bit heavier, also the helix is shallow this will multiply the spring under any given load. This would be a big jump in belt clamp and holding a lower gear ratio under any given load.

  • I have a 2019 renegade xmr would this work with my bike? And is there anything else that I should get with it?

    This sure would. There are lots of other options for your bike like ECU reflashes and exhausts.

  • I have a 2019 can am outlander 570 xmr completely stock and I was looking for the most torque. Would this be too much for 28 inch tires?

    Yes sir this would be the best route besides a full STM secondary.

  • I have a stock 2015 canam 650 bought a exhaust and fuel programmer for it is going to put them on but want to do something with the clutch at the same time but not sure what to do.. so I can leave my stock primary spring alone and purchases this product And notice big improvement ?

    Yes, for sure a huge improvement. You do need to eventually replace the primary clutch as it is not locked sheave to sheave. This limts how much torque, belt clamp are able to be applied. We recomend 3P STM!

  • Would it hurt running this setup with a 30in tire?

    No sir, This will give you a torquier feel vs MPH pull. 

  • dear this is Marwan AlMarzooqi from United Arab Emirates i have a garage and showroom under name Speed Plus, i wanna ask about the best clutch kit and the camshaft for can am x3 for drag use for 91km is the distance. best regards, Marwan AlMarzooqi 00971506790008 United Arab Emirates our Instagram page is speed_plus_garage

    Hey Marwan, we actually have the highest HP gaining camshaft on the market. Here is the link below.

  • I have a 2008 Can-Am Outlander Max 800 w a CVTECH tuned primary and EPI Yellow secondary spring with the outlander 650 helix. Is this the same helix, or even better cut helix angle?

    Hey Lance, this a different helix angle and material. This is a better setup sir!

  • Would this work for 35” tires and a factory primary on a 2016 Maverick XMR? Is this helix different from the stock one? Also do you keep this in stock?

    Hey Roland, this helix is the same as the OEM Can Am Helix / Cam. You would only need the EPI Secondary Spring

  • So would it hurt if I put this on a wheeler with 30 inch tires? I destroyed two springs and an entire secondary assembly and I’m just looking to not have to fuck with it anymore

    Hey Jackson, No sir it will not. Also use theses bolts and red lock tit them.

  • is this helix the red one we find in can am 500 and 650 model or is it a different one?

    There are many different types of helixs that Can-Am uses in their vehicles. Our stiffer secondary spring along with shallower helix angle combination will essentially convert upshift force into belt clamp force by resisting the primary closing and opening the secondary even more than OEM setup under any given load. This will greatly improve the feel of initial power transfer under high load, low speed, heavy load riding, mud etc.