WKP Custom Machine Transmission Gear Set – Warranty Killer Performance

WKP Custom Machine Transmission Gear Set GREAT DEAL

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This is not a physical product, only a service.
This requires you to send in your item(s) for servicing/repair.

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Type: Transmission Services


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Lead Time: Contact Us

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WKP Custom Machine Transmission Gear Set

$ 399.99

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  • What’s my lead time on getting these gears and collars back after y’all receive them.

    Lead times are generally a week to two weeks depending on the workload at the machine shop at the time of purchase.

  • What do you do to them that makes it a better option than stock? After paying the $456 with shipping it is only about another $200 or $250 to by all new from partzilla.

    Hey Brannyn, We do not release excatly what we do for obvious reasons. The gears and shift collars are machined different than stock.

  • Do I send you just the gears and the locking collars or do I send you the shaft, gears, and collars assembly. My locking collars are rounded over pretty bad. Do you add material back with welding and machine it?

    Hey Brannyn, You send in gears and shift collars. We put them back to stock specs but with our tolernaces and machine profile.

  • Am I better to do this or just buy a new gear set? The locking ring parts the go in the holes of the gears are rounded over and the same goes for the holes in the gears.

    This is a cheaper route than new gears as well as the locking collars and it is a better stronger design you wont have issues out of once complete. The only way to damage them would be shifting under throttle or load most of the time done if the clutches have issues staying engaged at idle. We for sure suggest this if your gears or collars are damaged.